What is Personal Coaching?

Our Personal Coaching program provides you with access to a professional trainer to help customize your plan, overcome your challenges and keep your weight loss on track.  

We don’t just want to sell you a program and then leave you on your own to adapt it to your lifestyle and stay motivated. So, we created our Personal Coaching service which includes…

Accountability: Temptation, a busy schedule, loss of motivation, among many other factors, can make sticking to your plan difficult. Having someone you trust – who is 100% committed to you and responsible for checking in on you – is a powerful advantage and key to your success.

Customized Meal Plans and Workouts: You are unique, so it is critical that your meals and workouts are tailored to your personal likes and dislikes, your budget and schedule, and to any challenges you might have. This makes getting the results you want much quicker and easier.

Encouragement and motivation: You might have days when you feel less motivated and lose sight of your goals. Your Coach will be right there to pick you up, get you back on track, and keep you motivated and focused on the lean, fit body and good health you’ll soon achieve.

You'll communicate with your Coach primarily via email, and it truly is 2-way communication.  Not only will your Coach email you on a regular basis to help you set up your plan, but you'll have their email address as well - so you can contact them with questions, and to get help with the rough spots.